Priority Repair


Need your equipment fixed quickly and efficiently but don’t want to wait in line? Not a issue with Priority Repair, we will move you to the front for a small charge on top.

We work like a conveyer belt system, first come first serve basis.

Please note this is not the same as in house service which has no added cost, if we can repair your PC, Laptop, etc in your house we will.

This is a added service and will be billed on top of any other service we offer.



Please choose either Home or Business.





  • Got an issue with your Apple Macbook Laptop but need it fixed before your flight the next day. Maybe you have a deadline for work or school and need your files recovered ASAP.



We have no control of delivery, when we order parts we will always assume you want the 1 – 2 day delivery option (£10.00) when ordering hardware. If you do not want this please let us know and we will put you on the standard delivery option; up to 5 working days (£5.00).

Please do not hold us responsible if the courier doesn’t show up or the order has gone missing. We will always try our best to make sure everything runs efficient, so far we have had great luck with our suppliers.



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