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1. Basic Warranty

1.1 Warranty is at Yan Technologies discretion.

1.2 Your warranty may be void or null if the hardware or software is tampered.

1.3 From 30 March 2014 Software will have a warranty of 7 days and Hardware 14days. From install date.

1.4 If you lose your invoice and require another one there is an admin charge of £5 for paper and £3 for PDF/email.

1.5 Custom built PC's built by Blackswift have security tabs which must not be removed. If removed or tampered with your warranty may be void/null.

1.6 Warranty may be removed without any notice at anytime.

1.7 Warranty from Yan Technology/Blackswift PC's are not transferable to the next owner. Please note the owner is stated on the invoice provided at point of sale.

2. Hardware Warranty

2.1 Hardware warranty has a length of 14 days. From install date.

2.2 Hardware Warranty is only covered on the piece of hardware/s that has been repaired or installed.

2.3 If Yan Technology sees fit that the hardware has been tampered you will void the warranty and a repair charge will apply.

2.4 Hardware warranty is not the same as manufacturer  warranty, please refer to the manufacturer for the length of warranty your hardware has. In most cases 12 months/1 year minimum when item is new.

3. Software Warranty

3.1 Software warranty has a length of 7 days. From date on Invoice.

3.2 Software warranty is only on the particular file, files, folder or software repaired/installed. It does not include any other software repair or questions.

3.3 Software warranty is not including to the following services; Adware, Spyware and/or Virus Removal.

3.4 Software warranty is not included in case where Hardware is at fault, this may include Blue Screen Of Death also known as BSOD.

4. Extended Warranty

4.1 You can purchase extended Warranty protection at £5.00 extra a month.

4.2 Please give us 30 days notice before cancelling your extended warranty.

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