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There is great satisfaction in knowing you’ve done the job well and served your clients needs. It gives us great feedback when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing Yan Technology with their testimonials.

We accept all testimonials, whether they are positive or not. We use this information to make Yan Technology a better company hence giving you the best services possible. Don’t be shy, write a review after we have completed the job and tell us how we have done.

Below is a compilation of client feedbacks we have received over the years. We use independent 3rd party websites to verify the authenticity of the review. We believe this is a more truthful way instead of putting fake words on a website like you see below.

Real Reviews, written by Real People!

We decided to go with an independent reviewer like Google, in late 2016 we changed from FreeIndex to Google Places. If you would like to see our old reviews on FreeIndex, another independent company please scroll down or click here.


I was very pleased with the service, Chris was very nice and explained the issues with my laptop in a way that even I (not very computer savvy) could understand it. He even recommended me buying a new laptop instead of him trying to fix my old one (which meant him loosing out on the service cost), which was very honest and showed great customer focus. He even assisted me in finding an appropriate new laptop for me. Definitely highly recommended!!

Angelina Becker


I have run to Yan Technology for help with my Mac laptop twice over the last few months and, on both occasions, I really can't flaw their services. (Specifically, to deal with a liquid spill on my keyboard and, secondly, to transfer materials from my old laptop to a new one). I don't handle computer malfunction very gracefully myself (ie. I panic!) and they were calm, efficient, and inspired absolute confidence. To my untrained eye, their knowledge and skills were comprehensive and their fees fair. But the thing that struck me most was that their customer service went well beyond my expectations. They were so generous with their advice over the phone (to my interminable questions!), and could not have been more helpful in terms of getting my computer back to me as quickly as possible. I can't recommend them highly enough. 

Kate Atkinson

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