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A different type of Virus talk (Coronavirus/Covid-19)

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

If only there was an Anti-Virus program for this virus!

At Yan Technology we are trying our best to minimise the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus. At this time we remain open and will continue to help our community. Please be patient with us during this busy period, we will try to help as many people as possible.

(UPDATE): As of November 5, England go back into lockdown. We remain open to all. Based on Government guidelines and Camden Council we have set the following rules;

  • We can still go into your premises, but we ask you keep social distance and wear a mask.

  • Appointments are required at all times.

  • We will be wearing PPE (mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc).

  • All technology brought to us will be wiped down with bleach/alcohol and be left in quarantine for 48hrs.

  • Emergency appointments will be given to NHS staff.

From the 20th of March, we will be prioritising customers in the following order:

NHS staff

Elderly and Vulnerable people

Existing customers

New customers

We are trying to minimise risk by trying not to go into customers' homes. If we have to, we will be keeping our distance and will be wearing full protective gear. Please do not take any offence. (UPDATE): As of 24th of March 2020, we are no longer going onsite to customers premises. This has been enforced by the UK government and is recommended to stop the spread of the virus.

We have cancelled all walk-in appointments until further notice. Please read below if you have equipment with us.


How we are operating during the lock-down

We will not be going to any premises, this includes homes and offices. As we are not key workers and do not want to spread the virus.

All work that we will be doing will now be remote, using remote access software to complete jobs. If you have jobs that require a physical person present, then please contact us and we will prioritse.

If your job is a priority, we will book you in to drop your machine off at our Belsize Park location. We will give you strict instructions on what we will be doing. Please also note that your machine/components will be in a quarantine state for a minimum of 3 days and be wiped down with bleach.

If you have equipment with us, we are working to finish the backlog and will try to get these back to you ASAP. We will contact you once it is completed. We have stopped all cash payments, so please pay via bank transfer or paypal for the time being. Please also pay this beforehand.


Clients working from home

We will be helping customers to work from home. Also helping customers remotely and accessing machines via software. If you have not read our blog on working from home, you can find that here: Working from home during the CoronaVirus


Supply chain

PC hardware ordering will be a temporary nightmare, with prices high and most places out of stock or closed. We will try our best to find stock. Our 2 suppliers have closed up during the lockdown.

Apple has closed up all stores and parts will be harder to find.


Our Community

We have contacted clients that are OAP and/or vulnerable to offer our services. Please let us know if you need us to collect supplies, food or medicine. We will leave it outside your door as recommended by the Government.

A personal thank you to all the NHS staff and key workers that are putting their lives at risk during this time.


If there is a lock down in London we will update this blog accordingly.

Please stay safe.



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