Data Wipe

Data Removal


"What happens to the old computer after you buy a new one? "

"Will you give it away, or maybe it will end up in the bin?"

"What will happen to all the information which you have on it?"


These are all very important questions! Computers often hold important confidential information such as:

  • Credit/Debit card details.

  • Bank account numbers.

  • Login details that include your username and password.

  • Personal Documents.

  • Personal Photos.

  • Private Emails

To ensure that no-one can access this information when disposing of an old computer, we use state-of-the-art programs to destroy all information on the hard drive. Each file is deleted and overwritten with blank zeros hundreds of times until we are certain that no-one will be able to recover your information.

In some cases we even physically destroy the Hard Drive.


Please do not do this yourself there are many parts that shouldn’t be thrown away in your bin, these need to be disposed of via weee Directive.




Please choose either Home or Business.





  • New Laptop is bought, client wants Yan Technology to transfer the data/files from the old laptop to the new laptop. Once complete, data on the old one needs to be destroyed and the laptop needs to be disposed off correctly.



Did you know that WEEE Directive stands for The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

We tend to recycle the earth magnets inside the hard drives, we stick them to our fridge or use them to pick up screws. Great recycling tip!



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