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Price increase for services starting 1 July 2023

Please note the following service fees are increasing inline with inflation and the cost of living.

This was originally going to take place in June but was delayed till 1st of July.

We at Yan Technology apologise and understand that times are tough at the moment for all businesses and homes. With the increasing cost around us we have had to follow and increase our prices to match.

We will update the website pricing scheme in August to reflect the changes stated below:

Home users per hour cost:

Increase of £15.00 per hour extra.

Charities and religious institutions:

No increase.

Business users per hour cost:

Increase of £20.00 per hour extra.

Web Design service:

Increase of £10 per hour.

Web Hosting cloud service:

Unchanged for the time being. We have absorbed any extra cost passed our way.

CCTV service:

No change.

Custom Built PC service:

Increase of £20.00 extra fixed charge. Home Cloud backup service: No immediate price change per terabyte. Business cloud backup service (B2B): Increase of £0.09 per gigabyte of data uploaded. Maintenance contracts will remain within contract terms. Mobile/Broadband and TV contracts will remain within contract terms. Normal inflation increase happens yearly in Q2. We will contact you when the service providers inform us. Our VIP clients will get a separate email with a full breakdown. We will re-evaluate the pricing when the economical environment changes.

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