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Latest Recommended Parts list for PC builds | July 2020

Starting with the case, as you should.

Fractual Design Node 804 -

Case has the ability to fit upwards of 10x 3.5" drives making it one of the best in class cases for a home server.


Next up is the motherboards. We are doing 2 different sizes to fit into the case above. ITX and Micro-ATX.

Gigabyte Intel H470 AORUS PRO AX mITX Motherboard -

ASRock Intel B460 Pro4 mATX Motherboard -

Both are solid for a NAS.


CPUs to match those motherboards above. Please note that they are both the new Gen Intels and can use the 1200 socket.

Intel i5 10400 Comet Lake CPU -

Intel i3 10100 Comet Lake CPU -


*Please note that Yan Technology may receive a "kick back" when you order goods above, this in no way affects our recommendation in choosing the products.


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