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  • PC Hardware Repair
  • Hardware Installation
  • PC Setup
  • PC Customization*
  • In Car PC*
  • PC valet service*
PC keep crashing, is it lagging then your PC needs help! we can repair your PC so it will work faster than its current speed. Sometimes your PC will need an upgrade of memory, hard drive or CPU.
Whether it is upgrading your memory or another Hard Drive we can do it all, most components on your PC are upgradeable. This is an option if you don't want to buy a new PC but make your current PC faster.
We will come to your home and help you set up your PC, even if you haven't bought a PC from us. We will get you up and running asap!
Custom paint jobs, lights, water-cooling, built-in LCD screen, wheels, etc. We can do all your customization for you. Please contact us for a quote.
We can now put a mini PC into your car! Allowing you to do the following things all in one: Play music, movies and files. Satnav, Internet with Wifi, car security and car diagnostics.
Cleans all the dust, dirt and grime from inside to outside the PC. Dust builds up on the fans and fins and causes pc failure due to overheating and static. Please do not try doing this yourself as you are dealing with live electric equipment that is very fragile to static electricity.










  • PC Software Repair
  • Virus, Adware, Spyware Removal
  • PC Health Check
  • Software Installation
  • Data Removal*
  • Data Backup
  • First Time Use*
  • Projects*
Sometimes software goes wrong whether its your Operating system or Office. Files get corrupted or just stop working, we can repair certain software to get you working again.

We have all had a virus, adware or spyware bug in our PC before and we all know it is very annoying to have. We can seek and destroy all these problems and prevent them from happening again. We have free software that will make sure your PC is bug free!

Just like a M.O.T for your car your PC needs one yearly as well. Using "clever" software we can check your PC to see if it is healthy or not. We can than fix any issues that we find, this "clever" software goes deep inside your PC file system and checks for all types of problems giving you a fast, reliable PC.

Need help installing a particular software on your computer but don't know how to. We can install the software for you so you wont have any issues.

What will you do with your old computer? Will you give it away, or may be it will end up in the bin? What will happen to all the information which you have on it? Computers often hold important confidential information such as credit card details, bank account numbers and passwords. You may have pictures of your family or private emails to relatives that you don’t want anyone else to read.

To ensure that no-one can access this information when disposing of an old computer, we use state-of-the-art programmers to destroy all information on the hard drive. Each file is deleted and overwritten hundreds of times until we are certain that no-one will be able to recover your information.

In this day an age data is the most important thing. Make sure you backup your data and keep it safe. We can show you how to back it up safely and easily. Schedule backups or just a one off backup.

We will setup your PC for first time use. Install all drivers and a list of software with full updates. All you have to do is switch on the PC and you are done!


Projects is a new service where we the professionals can help you meet those deadlines. Wheather its a 500 page essay, scanning photos, setting up a photo book or research work we can help you.

All hours will be noted down on a time card for reference use.












*New Services for 2008