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You can't bid on this sort of experience...

Yan Technology currently has a "ebay super seller" that has listed over 500 items on Ebay UK and 30 items on Amazon UK.


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4 Simple steps to Cash!!!

  • Step 1-Photo/Description
  • Step 2-Putting the item on ebay
  • Step 3-Item sold what now?
  • Step 4-Payment

We can collect your item from you if you are local.


You can take images using a digital camera or some items a video is required.

We will deal with everything for you!

These include:

Research on your items catergory

Writing a detailed description of your item

Sumbmitting your advert and listing

Answer all potential buyers questions


Congrats on the item selling!

If we have the item we will pack it and post it to the winning bidder/s.

We will also deal with sending the tracking number/s to the winner/s.

We will collect payment from the winning bidder/s

Yan Technology will than pay YOU!

You will receive 65% of the winnings so if your item sold for £100 you will get £65 in cash!

We will write you a cheque









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